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Mitchell R Tucker




Author of "Mentally tough in a weak society." Creator of SoniSafe Alarms and President of N-Tact Security. Mitchell is passionate about his work and fellow entrepreneurs. Although being an entrepreneur ran in the family, Mitchell was passionate about helping people and took an interest in law enforcement. At the age of 19 he took a job as a Deputy Sheriff where he enjoyed a 10-year career, two of which as an undercover robbery and narcotics detective. Although he enjoyed his time in law enforcement the desire to create and push his limits lead him in a different direction. With no initial financial backing, Mitchell quit his career on December 20th 2017 and pursued his dreams aggressively. Since then he has been an author, created an innovative alarm system and is currently the President of a private security firm, N-Tact Security LLC, which grew to a seven-figure business in 2018. 

His desire to help people push to their limits and pursue their dreams is what encouraged him to become an author, speaker and content creator. Mitchell is passionate in what he believes in and does not pull punches. 

"Truth is I believe most people are weak. We have all heard it before, Good times create weak people , weak people create bad times, bad times create strong people, strong people create good times and the cycle simply repeats itself. We are unfortunately a nation full of weak people. We live in a society that men are scared to be men, and the traditional family as we know it has been ripped apart. Look, what I talk about is not and should not be controversial. Since when was saying things like Pro-God and Pro America controversial. I have a hard time fitting into a niche, I get it.. But I have a message on mental resilience that I believe could change our trajectory and I plan on sharing it with as many people as possible.. If I make some people angry along the way.... Well, my goal isnt to  make friends."

Stay Savage

- Mitchell R Tucker

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