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Mentally Tough in a weak society
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Mitchell R Tucker


IMPROVING LIVES and helping organizations succeed

Are You Looking For An Engaging And Compelling Speaker?

Mental Resilience is key to doing anything great in life. let Mitchell take you and your team's mental resilience to the next level!

Be prepared to laugh and cry while Mitchell boost morale and provides added motivation to your sales team, students, employees, religious groups and more.

Entertainment and inspiration are both great but our lives and businesses are driven by results. Get actionable steps to take so that you can see the results you and your organization deserve.


Mitchell served his country and community for over a decade as a Deputy Sheriff in many different capacities to include working as an undercover robbery detective at the rank of corporal. Mitchell is the CEO of Peaceful Savage, author of Amazon best selling book, Mentally Tough in a Weak Society and founder / co-owner of N-Tact Security. Mitchell is passionate about his work and helping others find the resilience, inspiration and results for theirs.

Mitchell's stage presence and approach makes for an entertaining and transformational keynote experience. Your audience will have their emotions moved, soul inspired and equipped with actionable steps to get the results they desire in their personal lives and organization.

His passion to help people push their limits and pursue their dreams is what encouraged him to become a speaker, author and content creator. Mitchell calls central Florida home where he is married and has two incredible children.

Stay Savage

- Mitchell R Tucker

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As a whole, mentally tough people seem to be a dying breed. I would rather live my entire life broke and hustling, dreaming for more than to accept an average life and die with the unknown. Regret reaches everyone, the level of its greatness is what will make you mad. Success is hard but sucking at life is a horrible alternative. Mental resilience is what turns average men and women in beasts. It turns weak into strong the poor into wealthy and the sick into healthy. Adopt these principles and change your life forever!

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11 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

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