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Keynote experiences

Choose from one of Mitchell's keynotes outlined below or Mitchell can tailor the speaking engagement to your audience specifically.

Bend not break

How to achieve incredible success amongst hard times.

Mitchell's most requested keynote, Bend Not Break, will captivate the audience and inspire people to live a more resilient life to get the results they want in their lives and organization.

This inspirational keynote is perfect for:

  • Teams and organizations striving for consistant high level results.

  • Organizations needing inspiration and motivation within.

  • Individuals wanting to live a life without limits.

  • Leaders who want their team to have a unbreakable mindset.

Your audience will leave with:

  • Actionable steps to obtain the results they desire.

  • A Bend Not Break mentality.

  • Tools to remain inspired even through diffucult times.

  • A desire to become the best versions of themselves.

If you are looking for a transformational experience in your organization with a focus on metnal resilience and gaining results, Bend Not Break is the keynote for you. 

From decision to incision

How to make decisions that deliver results. 

Decisions to be great are made daily but yet we often fail to hit the mark. This keynote will inspire your audience and give them the tools they need to make decisions the right way.

This inspirational keynote is perfect for:

  • Leaders who want to see their teams make decisions and see them through.

  • Individuals and organizations hungry for high levels of success.

  • Sales teams looking to inspire growth.

  • Organizations looking to create a culture of success.

Your audience will leave with:

  • The proper technique to make decisions that matter.

  • A roadmap to success.

  • A new desire to set goals and see them through.

  • An understanding on how their decisions effect their lives and organizations.

If you are looking to create an culture of winners whose decisions matter, Decision to Incision is a great keynote for your organization.

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